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VaronicaAnn  02/11/2018
Such beautiful that you made for us. I made a small donation and i will continue to donate for your beautiful fonts. Thank you
khlhuynk  03/11/2018
Thanks for this beautiful font you've made. Donated a small amount to show my appreciation. Thanks.
imag1nation  06/11/2018
This is lovely! Check your email, donation sent. Thank you
c7nazara  auteur de Shink   15/11/2018
Hi all,

Thank you so much for your donation.

For commercial license, please purchase it on CF store or
Jerniya  08/06/2019
{ and } makes the calligraphy lines at the end. I’m unsure of the term.
rahathasan  04/10/2019
I had shown this font to my client for our project & he wants to purchase the commersial version of the font. But he wanted to know does this font have different font weights in the commersial version? Like bold, italic, thin. The prsonal use version only has the regular font weight.
kgrundman  05/01/2020
Jerniya said it makes the caligraphy lines, but they don't show on mine. Just wondering how to get them. Love the font
How do I get the words to do that loop? I am trying to write thankful and have the k swoop. Please help
vcamata  13/03/2021
Hi, I am trying to do the swash in Word or Studio, but the braces left and right did not work. What is the secret?

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