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agustinluisbou92  11/07/2008
Esta fuente, igual que SF Fedora, es la de Indiana Jones.
kunstlicht23  20/11/2012

is it possible to use this font in a commercial way?

beckiiness  06/04/2013

is it okay to use this commercially at all?
javoooooooo  28/02/2014
ck111  15/04/2014
Can you let me know the commercial usage fee for this font.

Wacko_shirow  04/10/2014
Can you let me know what the commercial fee for this font is?
youngkenshore  02/09/2016
Can't see any replies to how this can be used commercially. Please post/reply.
Ankho  10/11/2016
Hi, please can I know the fee/terms for a commercial use ? I hope I won't have to wait 4 years like the first one who asked this question :P
dejaliyah  27/03/2017
There is a README file that came with the font that has the contact info:

contact us at info@shyfonts.com or visit http://www.shyfonts.com

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