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Seagram TFB à  par zanatlija
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Skin88  08/01/2013
Momentfactory  17/06/2015

I would like to cantact you for more information about you Seagram font licence.
laskarchristo  07/06/2020
hi Kaiserzharkhan,would like to contact you for the Seagram font license,

thankyou .
alstjgus  10/07/2020
thank you
sophianaves  16/09/2021
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use. Could you please get back to me about the license?
Thank you
sophianaves  22/09/2021
Please contact me as soon as possible regarding the license of this font. Here is my email:
Thank you
Noah090  10/02/2022
Can I use this for school project?
Galilea23  22/01/2023
Hi, I would like to use the font for commercial use. Where can I get the licence?
Aziphel  09/05/2023
Hello, i really like your front. The only downside for me is the minus sign, wich is to big and to high i think, and so it give a weird impression when i try to use it between two word. Could you do a version with a smaller et lower minus sign ?
DoverBeige  30/05/2023
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial use, can you get in contact with me, please?
Enzo Mestriner  10/08/2023
Hello call me on email I would like to buy the right to use your font.
Tinus1  09/02/2024
Hi ! I would like to use this font for professional purposes.
Please contact me at this adress :
Thank you !
FabianZwey  17/04/2024
Hi, could you Contact me for a license for Professional Use ?
My e-mail adress is:

I would like to here from you.

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