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Chloe5972  31/08/2011
Fun font !!
blythblyth  26/11/2011
This font is great. I have a question regarding the use of it, If i wanted to use it in an advert is there any way of buying it so that I can save it? At the moment illustrator wont let me save it because of the licensing agreement - which I totally get, but just wondered if there was a way of acquiring the font legally for small use? Thanks!
CreativeVDF  16/01/2013
I love this font! Is it possible to use this font for commercial use? I want to use it on a website and also on some packaging? Thanks!
Pony  15/08/2013
Hi! I would also love to know if this font is available for commercial use...I'd like to use it on an "indy" website and "indy" packaging. I'm needing to meet a deadline to turn all of our art 8/16. If someone could let me know what I need to do to get permission that would be great!
truepanks  29/04/2015
Hi would love to use this font for a commercial project and would like to contact the author - many thanks!
clarespy  28/08/2016
Can this be used for commercial use?

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