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scriptdragonn  16/03/2007
WOW! I love it!
LeMMy  17/03/2007
elles sont nickel c polices si jarrivait a l'avoir g essayé avec beaucoup de polices de cet auteur et ya a chaque fois un probleme avec winzip je comprend ca vous est arrivé merci de le dire
Angellore  21/06/2007
I lovely the font!!!!
Is beautiful!!!
marina_du29357  23/09/2007
napboy  12/12/2007
Great font!!
it look like the font used for logo of "Opeth" - a swedish band -

Great font!!
i love it!!
Urion  18/12/2007
jankulov  07/01/2008
Odlično,svaka čast.
lottielous  13/02/2008
Stunningly beautiful font - I used this for all my wedding stationery (I got married in a gothic castle!). I also used a lot of the abstract detail around the capitals as background and overlay patterns for photos etc - just create as a vector and have fun rotating & deforming!
JP4U  07/03/2008
Très belle police.Bravo
Un seul regret : il n'y a pas les caractères accentués.
JaqueMello  24/03/2008

amei...vou usar ela na minha montagem para escrever meu nome!!!


svirsky  21/05/2008
I want to use this font for a tatto but I dont know how to download my sentence, since every time I'm downloading it's says some out of connection sentence...
please help me!
Pignanelli  10/06/2008
This is a wonderful "diploma" font, as it is, or stretched horizontally 127%.
floyd:)  12/07/2008
I love this font so much Paul I want to use it for my tattoo but i cant get it to print off is there anyway i can do that?
Thankyou for taking time to read this.
taylorpinko  01/10/2008
love IT
yoursbydesign  04/12/2008
Love this font! Works beautifully in word and word perfect but can only print the Capitals in my printshop and adobe programs....can you give me advice on how to print the lower letters? Many thanks.
isadam  22/03/2009
J'ai téléchargé, mais incapable d'ouvrir le fichier et de les utiliser.
feedunord  28/07/2009
I would like to contact the author of this policy in relation to rights of use, but the email address indicated on the site does not work. Is it possible to contact the author by other means? This is urgent. Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards

Je voudrais contacter l'auteur de cette police par rapport les droits d'utilisation, mais l'adresse électronique indiqué sur son site ne marche pas. Est-ce que c'est possible contacter l'auteur par un autre moyen? C'est urgent. Je vous remercie par avance pour votre aide.
Sinitta  03/11/2009
my son am called luciano and have this plate uitgeprint and on me feet let tattoewearen
seaneavery  08/03/2010
This font is beautiful. I'm very impressed
meka  16/03/2010
the font is beautiful but i would like to know how to download the darker font?
geesofia  22/08/2010
Bello, bello davvero...
detroit*trippin  27/02/2012
wus up wit all the foreigns???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
robbybatta  29/02/2012
waoooooooooooooooo sexy degion
smiilez  23/08/2012
is this commercial free please let me know.?
lollichic  08/09/2012
cbtwd  13/11/2012
Black metal fans should recognize this is as one of the Burzum logo fonts
insanemachina  09/09/2014
@cbtwd it's of the Belus cover art from 2010 you are talking about, right?
insanemachina  09/09/2014
Considering Ruritania is on DaFont since before 2005, it's quite possible they got it here.....
Bard Rakkargh  13/01/2017
lol i think that feedunord was Varg himself...awesome font though,some new sort of blackletter,like it very much!
chasityd14369  01/06/2017
I have a Microsoft computer software I download in and every time I try and download this font or any other fonts from this website it say FONT NOT VALID.... Help me because this website is awesome and this font is beautiful!!!!
hyp0x1a  21/06/2024
the Nocturnal Depression font has been found ‼️‼️ i love it fr

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