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The Mimi  28/07/2009
Ohhhh, I really like this. It's simple, clear and pretty.
xSugarxCubex  03/09/2009
I really like this font. It is very simple yet beautiful.
Ann McCauley  04/09/2009
This is so pretty! Is it available for commercial use?
HOHG  21/09/2009
cool/clean looking font
kamakalama  21/09/2009
Very nice. Thanks for making it available. I added it to the library at Font Image Generator
kbechtel  30/09/2009
This is beautiful. Can I purchase or use this font for a commercial logo for a philanthropic women's organization. What process is involved?
LisaMart  28/10/2009
Love this font. Can I use for a logo label?
gece  29/10/2009
i am a designer from istanbul turkey. this font is great for a logo design i am working on with the "t"s sticking out like minarettes etc. can i use this commercially? please say yes..>))
Ralph D  16/03/2010
Hi there, I love your font. Can I use it in a commercial logo I'm currently working on? :)
zellteilung  30/05/2010
Hi there, I love this Font, too and want to use it for a commercial logo.
Is it possible? Thanks a lot for your positive answer :-)
mattkoi  01/07/2010
This font is very pretty and i shall want to know if i can use it for commercial?
thank you
Penny Scown  20/08/2010
Hi there - love this font and would like to use it in a New Zealand children's picture book. Please let me know asap if this would be possible. Thanks.
dlnj  17/05/2011
Hi, this is a great font. Can I use this for commercial use? I would like to use this typeface on a book cover design.
DarkoJuan  auteur de Romance Fatal Serif   31/05/2011
however my email is , please check your spam box
Shaktale69  26/10/2011
Great font!!! Thanks!!!
pdrprompt  22/11/2011
can i use this as a logo? Thanks so much!:)
PatWeening  15/12/2011
Great font! I would like to use it, but don't manage to download it. The Zip I get says: "No Zip file, bad zip file or part of a spanned/split Zip file". Could it be mailed...? Thanks in advance,
traceywashere  08/02/2012
awesome font -- question, on my mac its name shows as "Timed" and not as "Romance Fatal Serif" .. can this be fixed??
ChukBucket  03/12/2012
Great font, I'm looking for something like this to use on a book sleeve design, please advise on if this is ok, do I just make a donation to your Paypal via this site?
DarkoJuan  auteur de Romance Fatal Serif   14/12/2012
Sure, send a me a shot of my font in use to
AL Joihnson  20/03/2013
I was wanting to use this font for the cover of a book of poetry as well as the front matter title pages and was wondering how much of a donation it would be and if I could do that at all?
AL Joihnson  20/03/2013
Also if you could respond to that would be super helpful. Thanks
DarkoJuan  auteur de Romance Fatal Serif   16/04/2013
I wrote you from, this is my email
Hazivix  15/09/2015
Hi, I sent you a message about wanting to use this font from the following email
DarkoJuan  auteur de Romance Fatal Serif   20/10/2015
@Hazivix , isent you a response, chech spam folder
sswinehart05  05/09/2017
I have tried several times to download the font, however it won't download. I have a MAC.
gelho  01/12/2017
Great font - process for commercial poster use?
DarkoJuan  auteur de Romance Fatal Serif   06/03/2018
hi @gelho ,write me an inbox or mail me to
ara rios  10/11/2023
Hola! me gustaria obtener la licencia para un emprendimiento! te mande un correo graciaas

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