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Hyp86  22/06/2020
i want to use riffic bold (free versiyon not for money one) font for my web site, logo, brand and its commercial products. can i use for these purposes for free. if is it ok please send me email to confirm this. email: hyp240@gmail.com
Sheeloo  24/04/2021
Created an account on dafont just to say that font is absolutely amazing, really well executed in all ways. GG !
Joancc04  09/09/2021
Hi, I am a high school student. In my country, we have to do a project which envolves both teorical and practical parts. I have done this project with a friend, and we both want to know if we could use this font to make a videogame which will be published in the Play Store. However, we have included every aspect of a typicall game, including monetizing. So, our question is: Can we use this font in our game? Even we will monetize it!
Thanks for the help, you can contact us via this email: joancolillas2004@gmail.com
Clourinosaurus  26/03/2022
Helloo! This font is so cool and i love it, i know this is free but, i would like to tell InkyType that i wanna use this font for commercial use, thank you so much for hard work! keep it up!
Email : mozu.chan.020806@gmail.com

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