Quilted Butterfly

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Tangerine789  30/11/2010
SUCH a beautiful font! Honestly, my top favorite...Thank you :]
sephirot  01/12/2010
Vse najboljše za rojstni dan ti želi Aleksander
hanoded  auteur de Quilted Butterfly   01/12/2010
Hi Tangerine789, thanks a lot!!

Sephirot: Hmmmm, Some slavic language I don't understand. You can comment in English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, French or Spanish, as I speak those languages, but I really don't understand what you wrote...
damz  06/12/2010
he just said "Happy birthday wishes to you Alexander" (google translation from slovenian to english). Don't ask me why
hanoded  auteur de Quilted Butterfly   07/12/2010
;-) Hey Daaams, thanks buddy! My second name is Alexander, my birthday is dec. 19th.... maybe that's it???????
damz  07/12/2010
yeah but it's not the good day...
SunshineLight  15/12/2010
Très belle police , j'aime beaucoup !!!!
svgjen  17/12/2010
I love all of your fonts, they're great!
aphrospice  19/12/2010
I love it!
rallen  21/12/2010
Stunning. Evokes so many nostalgic emotions
mamic47  07/05/2011
Absolutely LOVE this font! I know its free, but out of courtesy, may I have permission to use this for my business cards?! I am starting a little children's boutique, nothing big, just out of the home for now. I would love to use this for my cards but certainly want to give credit where credit is due! Let me know. Thanks!
SpaceOctopus  24/12/2012
Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful job on an ORIGINAL, BEAUTIFUL font!

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