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Tangerine789  18/01/2011
Is this the same artist that created Jellyka Western Princess?
hanoded  auteur de Quid Pro Quo   18/01/2011
Nope, this is the same artist that created Quilted Butterfly and All Over Again (to name a few).
abloomingflower  21/01/2011
OMG! I take latin... What for What!!!! Did you know that?
hanoded  auteur de Quid Pro Quo   21/01/2011
Yeah, I know! Good that you noticed!
hurtbythesun  28/01/2011
I've got a few of your fonts in my library and this is now one of my favourites.

PS: Quid pro quo means 'This for that'.
hanoded  auteur de Quid Pro Quo   28/01/2011
hurtbythesun: thank you!

and, yes, I know my Latin: check out the postcard which you will find when you check the glyphs in the font: it mentions what Quid Pro Quo means!
Djeeneba  02/02/2011
Archi bIEN
michaelward94  11/02/2011
saji  18/02/2011
nice font!
itssoonicole  05/03/2011
Nice looking font.
Do you know what the other font on the post card is?
The one that says "carte postale".
jonothan8  03/03/2015
The lower case y is cut off in my download - or is that just me? Great font though.

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