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Chloe5972  21/03/2014
stokast  05/04/2014
darienjennell  10/04/2014
Am I allowed to or do I have to pay to use this on my webpage?
Peax Webdesign  auteur de PW Perspective   11/04/2014
@darienjennell : this font is totally free ! Enjoy
su11y313  25/04/2014
Am I allowed to use this font for a tshirt design for the governor's ball NYC music festival? If I win they would give me a prize money and sell the shirts so am I able to use this font?
Peax Webdesign  auteur de PW Perspective   28/04/2014
Yes, 100% free, enjoy !
sararice81  28/09/2015
Wanted to let you know we used your font for the title of our book! "Earth Changing Recipes" on Amazon. Also, gave you credit in the book! Thank you for the usage of your great font!
Peax Webdesign  auteur de PW Perspective   22/10/2015
@sararice81 : yes you can, this one is 100% free.

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