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crd22  24/12/2009
This is just plain cool.
As of now, I have no use for this, but hopefully this will be handy eventually.
hyiven  01/01/2010
comment fait on pour le telecharger
Tobias Sommer  auteur de Punched Out   12/01/2010
On clique sur "Télécharger" là à la droite... ;)
Si tu sais pas comment installer: http://www.dafont.com/fr/faq.php
Tobias Sommer  auteur de Punched Out   12/01/2010
And @crd22: Thanks, glad you like it!
It's admittedly not my most useful font, but does a good job for decoration or flyers - given you have the time and patience for the cutting and glueing of course.
lindiop  04/02/2010
I'm going to use this for a training session on classroom displays (bulletin boards) with teachers & I'd like to put a couple of pre-sized pdf alphabets on a free training cd. Shall I link to here for the attribution?
Tobias Sommer  auteur de Punched Out   05/02/2010
@lindiop: I'd appreciate it... :) Also, it would be great if you could send me an picture of what your final products look like.
Hayshak  16/05/2011
Amazing font!!
I'll be using this in the future!
Notelettes  23/06/2011
So cool! I'm just doing a post on this on my blog (www.notelettes.com) - I hope you don't mind. I'd also love to use it in one of my projects in the future - I'll let you know.
slinley  11/02/2012
Love this font! doing a project at the minute based on the four elements, and using paper manipulation to create my pieces for it and would love to use this for the type, will give you the credit for it and will send you a link to images of them when they're complete :-) Thankyou for creating such awesome type!!! :D
dbermejo  07/10/2012
i wanna print this for a project but i cant
LENINSITO  13/12/2012
sandiec  05/08/2013
I downloaded but could not get to print out or re-size. Are there special instructions once downloaded and zip file opened????
Tobias Sommer  auteur de Punched Out   17/08/2013
You first have to install the font (http://www.dafont.com/faq.php), and then use it at size ~600 in Word (restarted after the font is installed) to get about one letter per page, which is a good size to fold.
isiscloud  18/10/2016
Thank you for the great font! I don't have a specific use in mind at the moment, but can't wait to use it in the future!
emaceiba  31/01/2017
Olá amei seu trabalho.
Gostaria de ter para meus projetos comerciais . Entre em contato emaceiba@Gmail.Com

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