Pulse Sans Virgin

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rcadble  15/11/2006
Signed up for dafont just to comment on how brilliant this is.
shirai  25/02/2007
It's very nice. But password protected so I can't use it!!

It was going to go on posters for my band too....
laiseb  06/04/2007
A friend tried to install this on a Mac G5 under OS X, which is now unusable...
pimp hand  29/05/2007
It scares me...

holly neale  30/05/2007
this is so creative. i love it.
darkydz  30/06/2007
prettyinpunk_93_  21/07/2007
love your fonts, are they free to use?
rkrchk07  11/09/2007
o my i love this font...can i use it 4 my new fansite? xo
Steffie47  13/09/2007
Can I use this font in my school yearbook?
markwoodesign  09/01/2008
Hi Eric.

Your fonts are great!! Am I able to use this one for commercial work?? I can send you pics of the finished artwork when finished. Please let me know.


rigmor2k7  23/01/2008

i was wondering ... can i use this font for my band (new arrival)

my e-mail is heatherboy10@hotmail.com incase you need it
anonymous_stware  24/01/2008
hey mate i love your work and comming from a 15year old too. its awsome. was wondering if i could use this font style in our Australian Streetware Lable??? please email me with you desicion at weissy5585@hotmail.com if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
thank you very much

XxThatDudettexX  22/03/2008
just what i was looking for!
adgraphics101  11/04/2008
can I use this font commercially...for a tshirt design??
adgraphics101@sbcglobal.net , please let me know! Thanx!
peplum  12/06/2008
can I use this font commercially.It's for a t-shirt design??
Please let me know!
Icheeva  19/06/2008
This is awesome ^^

i love how detailed it is
x3lazy  13/09/2008
jess17  18/09/2008
this font is amazing, i was wondering if i could use it for a t-shirt design for my university program?
let me know : )

thanks !
yorgishmorgee  26/10/2008
it is awsome!!!
-Deanne-  01/11/2008
Just thought i would express my feeeleings :D
Aimski  06/11/2008
yhu could make a mint on this!! hehe
Blackness  21/11/2008
Amazing! This is one of the best fonts I've ever seen! Great work, we need more like this.
Franklin Gorge  19/01/2009
I like the coolness and the pure texture of the words and this is a very fine piece of work! Though a little aggressive, I think the author did a great job of doing this! Keep up the good work! :)
kingcase  10/03/2009
great font... can I use this font commercially? I can send you examples as well?
please email me at kingcase@live.com
demonkiller012  15/03/2009
i can see this on the cover of one of ellen hopkins books if u havent seen the covers search up impulse by ellen hopkins or burned by ellen hopkins
lucianamorin  23/04/2009
Great, so CRIATIVE! Thanks , I love it
Mostafa Zaglol  11/05/2009
fancy girl  29/05/2009
rednoiseband  01/06/2009
hey can i use this? it's for my band album cover and it's called "Pulse" e-mail if needed: rednoiseband@yahoo.com
Evesidous  27/07/2009
This font is amazing. I'd love to use it for the titles of my book series. Please let me know if I can. My e-mail is hayden-smith@comcast.net. Thanks so much :)
SkankwOn  29/07/2009
Hoping to use this for a signature I'm making for Flatliners (non commercial). Fit's the bill rather well. Thanks for sharing it.
mistressmacabre13  02/12/2009
Hey Eric,

I was curious if I can use your font "Pulse Sans Virgin" for a non-profit website and for logos that might appear on our business cards, hats, shirts, etc. Again, it's all non-profit. If you have any questions, please email me at jfisher1383@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!!
burticushurticus  26/03/2010
Coolest font I've seen in a longtime. I would love it if I'd be able to use Pulse Sans Virgin for my car club's logo and website header. My email is paulxandxmisty@aol.com Thank you.
someonefromkiel  29/06/2010
I tattooed this on my back, letter "M" + a little heartbeat variation,
thanks Eric, what a killer font
recky99  18/07/2010
hey eric,
would you mind if I used your font on an album cover that will be used by a friend of mine for their band?
I have an idea in the works and I can provide some examples if you like. you can reach me at matthewprobinson@comcast.net

thanks for your time
Chelcie28  24/05/2011
This font is amazing. I'd love to use it for non-profit website and for logos that might appear on our business cards and photography logo. Again, it's all non-profit. If you have any questions, please email me at chelciekh@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!
Chelcie28  24/05/2011
and i have changed my mind , Am I able to use this one for commercial work - photography : event , party and club?? thanks again
Email: chelciekh@gmail.com :)
cyanideinc  auteur de Pulse Sans Virgin   22/08/2011
anybody who wants to use this font commercially or for a website or tshirts, be my guest, all i ask is to leave a donation, expecially if you are making money from it. I take help where i can get it. thanks :]
imekas  07/09/2012
It looks really interesting...
JD0GG  04/12/2014
I've never felt the need to comment on any font, but this is bloody brilliant! I created an account just so I could thank you. I'm doing a study into people's beliefs regarding the paranormal and thought I would use your font for the cover page.
BeingA1dFan  14/08/2016
In love with this font. omg. so lovely
JavaTP  16/09/2016
this is perfect omg
this is literally exactly what i was looking for you are my saviour
Mendexa  22/03/2017
Mi! I want use this font in my amv. My Youtube profil is Ellyanne
Blá Blá Blá  04/04/2018
Oi!Eu sou escritora e gostaria de utilizar esta fonte para criar as minhas capas.Eu não recebo nada monetariamente pelos meus livros.Então poderia utilizar a fonte de forma gratuita?

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