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annaOMline  12/02/2007
Jackson Pollock would have loved this font!
Cheese  18/02/2007
I like how it is inky
HeDy  24/03/2007
Uskon, että olet suomalainen, osuinko oikeaa?
junkohanhero  auteur de Polla   01/04/2007
juu, HeDy.. olenpa hyvinkin.
solasola  24/09/2007
More Ralph Steadman than Pollock but very cool-
hpholly  26/10/2008
Oh my god! I have a poster of the joker on my wall and this font is identical to the one on my poster! Love it.
Psychotic™  03/03/2010
Very Nice looking font thanks and keep them coming :)

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