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Plane Crash

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kreativtheme  07/02/2012
cool font. i've been looking for a washed out like this for a while. thanks guys!
NATLEKat  21/05/2013
On a Mac and when I download all I get are the numbers. Is there something I need to do to get the text? Thanks, love the font.
RedTiger  11/06/2013
very cool!!!
claytonblackham  12/06/2013
@NATLEKat. The same thing happened to me, but then I realized that if I you just type it will capitalize the letters. If you press "shift" it will type the symbols.
typodermic  13/09/2013
Hey, it's my Coolvetica font with a grunge effect. Maybe mention that you used my font in the description or something.
as6977  22/01/2014
When you type the text in the demo it's not putting up the the stamps I told it do or typed.
luckylukey  16/05/2014
Hey can i use your font on a banner for a website for a week?
What are the licensing issues? Shall i just donate to the author?

pellkiness  13/05/2017
you can't type an f and an i together, it flips out
jluis2014  23/02/2018
how much will cost to use it commercial?
Conni Culp  27/04/2019
I want this as an iron on but I don't think it would work because I want the shirt color to show through where the white is..I don't think a cricut could cut that out..And can we get a license to use this?

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