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efwika  09/07/2007
I like it!
teslaroadster  24/01/2009
love it!!!
looks too much like my handwriting :)
GemmaPetherbridge  28/08/2010
Can this font be used free for commercial use?
michael_b  24/09/2010
Hi there, I really love this font and would like to know the commercial usage rights for it. Could you please contact me to discuss permissions & conditions.
PhontPhreak  auteur de PhontPhreak's Handwriting   20/05/2011
Thanks all for the kind comments!
My handwriting font may be used for commercial use, no problem.
It would be nice though, if you could send me a jpeg of what you have done with it.
Have fun eveybody!


romeaDesigns  10/01/2012
First of all: Thanks for the work you do! You are creating beautiful fonts! I´d like to use it to make some stamps and use these to do some craft. And i´d like to sell the stamps too. Would this be ok? Or can i buy a special license to do so?
kind regards
Sabrina v. Wilamowitz
PhontPhreak  auteur de PhontPhreak's Handwriting   09/04/2013
Hello Sabrina,

You are free to use my font for commercial use.
I would love to see a jpeg though of what you have done with it with your stamps :)

Kind regards,

Paul aka PhontPhreak
LeRenardRoux  10/01/2014
Hi PhontPhreak! I'm using your font for part of my website design.
Here's an example of how I'll be using it:

You have very nice handwriting! :) Thanks for making this font and for making it free!
Yolihm  08/08/2015
I love it! thank you very much for sharing!
Ryancrisp78  09/10/2015
Thanks for this wonderful font. I used it for a tattoo and it came out perfectly. :)
AfricaO  24/06/2017
Hi, I like this font, but I have a little problem with " ó " it see it like big " Ó " in Scribus. :( help!
scharlata  26/03/2019
Hey there,
i just stumbled across your beautiful font and noticed it would fit an campaign that we are doing in print perfectly. Would it be possible to use this font for commercial use? Of course i would send you a copy of the campaign when it's finished.

Kind regards,

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