Philly Sans

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vinylhunter1054  19/05/2009
nice !
Sc4ndal0uz1  17/10/2011
Can I use this font for a tshirt design?
waggishwolves  13/05/2012
I would also like to use this font for commercial purposes,
Please e-mail me back if this is okay to do so.
Littlebluefox22  31/05/2012
No surprise, but I too would like to use this font for possibly commercial purposes.

My email is
hello6898655  03/07/2012
love this font <3 it is amaaaazing :-)
Nick E.  28/07/2012
I would love to use this font for commercial purposes as well. How much? Email me
wbjtk  21/09/2012
I love this font but it doesn't have numbers or punctuation. Would it be possible for this to be created? I would pay for this for sure. Thanks!
barry219  07/11/2012
Can you email me I would also like to use your font
Rob1980  13/11/2012
i came across this site and found the free fonts, after i downloaded your font and applied it, i have missing or not the same font styles all over my personal pc.

please get back to me because i like this font as it is dope as fawk and i wanna rock it and change it back to normal without the glitches. get back to me at your free font download caused my system to stay glitched, please get back to me to resolve this...!!!...
The Craze Co  16/01/2013
dope handstyle
jmagana  11/04/2013
Hey can you get back at me as soon as possible I would like to use your font please and thank you
rona_s  29/05/2013
hi! please let me know if I an use this great font for a commercial textbook. Thanks!
rona_s  29/05/2013
sorry, forgot to ad my e-mail:, for permission to use the font for commercial textbook. Thanks!
vman  30/03/2014
Hello, please help to report back to me. Please allow me to use this great character. Written as a product of me on the product package. A commercial I am a person with Thailand as normal. Investment products are made A little bit of money I hope to get help from you to use this letter to thank you. e-mail:
Ivanart  20/07/2016
I would like to use this for commercial purpose. Could you inform me of the procedure and cost?
alexandralandqvist  03/10/2016
I’ve recently created a DJ’s logo using your font Philly Sans and would now like to use it for commercial purpose.
How do I get a license for commercial use?
Clare_hollie  12/10/2016
Hello, can I have info on using your font for commercial purposes too please?
adents  06/01/2019
Hello, Can I Use these Font for a T-shirt design?

Could you Inorm me? :
How can I get a commercial license for this font?
Hi, Love this font. can I please use this for commercial use?
Please email me
jiheep  19/04/2019
hello, Can I use your font for commercial products branding? I sincerely waiting your answer here.
BABdesigns  23/04/2019
I would love to use this for commercial use. Could you please let me know if this is possible and what you would need from me?

djauld  08/09/2019
I’d like to use this font for commercial use, please contact me about it

Thank you.
markbingcrosby  22/02/2020
Hello, I'd like to use this for commercial use. Please contact me at
oddbirdie  15/05/2020
Hello, I'd like to purchase a commercial license.
Please contact me at
Thank you.
AnDew This  16/05/2020
Hello, I'd like to use this for commercial use, Please contact me at
FontmeisterG  21/12/2020
Wish this dude would post replies here but I'll try anyways - I have found your website selling the commercial version of the Philly Sans font but you have a dropdown which only says for Website or Mobile App use at a price of $37.50 - can you please indicate whether or not that same commercial license regardless of the selection made (that is, Website OR Mobile App) would cover FULL COMMERCIAL USE such as for online stream branding as well as for use with stream merchandise - you response would be appreciated.
slicneil1  03/04/2021
I would love to use this font for commercial purposes for my t-shirt business.

Please let me know if it's ok or the cost to @
auuii._  24/09/2021
Hello,I would like to use this font for conmercial use,on profile photo my page on social, please contact me at
koleslaw  auteur de Philly Sans   19/11/2021
📣📣 Any commenters who are requesting a commercial use license: 📣📣

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