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keithm1945  08/12/2009
Is there a way that I can get this style of font in a PES formatt.

Thank you

Keith Miles
Designs by Keith
BleuDress  11/01/2012
Is it possible to get brackets in this font?
karimala  03/12/2013
Thank you!!! Pharmacy quickly became my all-time favorite font, and after several years, I still use it more than any other in my designs.
sandylmason1  28/07/2016
I would also like to know how I can download this font in PES format. I clicked on download and nothing happens.
stmcmahan  21/02/2018
Can you please look at the Letter "Kk" it is not coming out correctly?
thank you.
fresita16  17/05/2018

I want to use this font for commercial use to make personalize items. Can you let me know how much it is.

Thank you

kbecker83  12/08/2020
How can I use this font for commercial use?

Nara Johnson  07/09/2020
Does this font come in the pes format. If so, how do I download it. All I can find is the true type font and that does not work with my Brother machine. Thanks for the helpA
laricawambeek  28/02/2021
Hi, please can you advise on how to use this font for commercial use. Thank you.
vandraa  14/06/2021
hello! can i use this font for business logo and any other commercial purposes? thank you

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