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Piraja  25/09/2010
Very nice! I would only hope an addition of accented characters (Scandinavian, French, etc.) and copyright/copyleft information.
kitty_498  25/10/2011
I cannot get the spaces to work..any ideas???
supercoop  01/02/2012
It's been awhile, but I found if you use the accent key ` under the ~ in the upper left, it just makes a space.
all7bells  25/11/2012
Thank you supercoop! Works great! Now this font is very useful!
Fityah  13/07/2013
sarahmcc  23/09/2013
First off, thanks for the brilliant font - I've been using it loads recently. I have however found that, for my children, I needed to add the 'tails' at the end of letters, which is pretty standard in the UK. I altered it for my personal use, but I was looking for permission to distribute it to other teachers I know that might find it handy? The email addy on given doesn't work, so I was hoping you might come across this comment page. Thanks, Sarah
ap89  04/10/2013
Sarah, the readme file that came with the font states that you are allowed to freely distribute and do what you wish with the font provided that you do not make a profit from it. Please let me know if you still have the file, I'd love your amended version for my class!
sasori  19/02/2017
Nice font. However, not using the accent key as a 'blank' means that words do not wrap properly.

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