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compchick  11/07/2011
I tried to click on the link for license info and it's no good. Is this a completely free font?
ajithrindia  auteur de Orust   15/07/2011
Sorry for the broken link. Here's the license information

And yes, its a completely free font, use it any way you like, and attribution is appreciated though not mandatory.
ajithrindia  auteur de Orust   23/01/2012
I've changed my blog to http://www.artvsaccounting.tk .
I haven't added a page for my fonts yet, but will soon.
But you can always use my fonts for any personal/commercial purpose, and I'd appreciate attribution even though its not compulsory.
ajithrindia  auteur de Orust   06/03/2013
My fonts page on website-- http://artvsaccounting.tk/fonts

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