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big STAN  23/08/2010
wonderfully crafted. that's cool
eclipticald  18/06/2015
Cool font, thanks!

Just, (guess cause I'm new around here) I can't find your profile nor the website you're talking about.
Jpotato  12/10/2015
This is PERFECT!

Really a very great work, the best origami design ; )

In fact I search a font for my Rainmeter Android lock-screen system, and I searched a font similar to one I've found on a tablet screenshot, for the Clock display, and your's is what's most similar !

I thought to make one myself with the software I have… well need to see how this do : )

I wonder if we can make font with a certain opacity, or using 2 color brightness when creating the font (I want the "flipped edges" to be darker, need to look on it ^^").

Thanks for the great work !

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