Orange Juice

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Chloe5972  11/01/2013
shelbygrapes  29/03/2013
Love the font but it needs a question mark! I hate having to hack those things.
imam budiyanto  07/04/2013
it's really cool,, in Bahasa it's KEREN BANGEEEEEEETTTT
winty5  06/05/2013
Please add more punctuation, this font is unusable without it.
Chocoback  09/05/2013
Does it counts as commercial on a free texture pack for a game?
msnadzlist  14/05/2013
really cool but requires punctuations... thanks
salmacordero  18/05/2013
nobody cares about grammar dude, unless your a teacher
orifklub  10/06/2013
Oh yeah, I will use it on my graphics work :)
MaxenceBeranger  16/06/2013
Great work man !
sometimes aislinn  auteur de Orange Juice   17/06/2013
Thanks! I have added punctuation, numbers and additional accented characters now! :)
kred  13/04/2014
Fantastic work. Thanks!
clbutor  27/04/2014
Hey, is anyone else having trouble using this with their Photoshop CS6?
mijomalu  02/07/2014
Why can't I print certain letters? G I L M N R won't print!
GiBrIs  26/07/2014
Could I use this font for university tasks?, not commercial issues at all. This is my e-mail for further details Thanks in advance.
funlearning  09/08/2014
i want to install orange juice font what are the licence costs
funlearning  09/08/2014
i would like to install this font for personal use and wanted to know the licence costs

please contact at
ellery a  19/03/2015
will u please love me
Peter.dar  03/05/2015
Great work! Intriguing font...
Peter.dar  04/05/2015
Great work! Intriguing font...
APayne  01/06/2015
Great Font, but I can't get the punctuation and additional alphabet characters to download - only the Caps and lowercase letters and numbers - can you please check the download.
claire.redfield  05/08/2015
So cool
crybaby  31/10/2015
aldo92  09/11/2015
Hi! I would like to use this Font in my youtube Channel! I may run ads on my videos,does that applies as commercial use? contact me at or answer me here. Thank you very much.
kate2016  05/01/2016
Great font! I was interested in using this font in a book im making. What are the rules on using this font commercially? Please contact me at:
kate2016  05/01/2016
Iv now noticed your document accompanying the font but I have more questions so I will send you an email. Cheers
CMKFrozenHeart  03/04/2016
what do you mean about "Free for personal use." I really want to use this font for my YouTube channel and I am kind of confused. It would me a lot for you to respond. Thanks!
VodieSmash  21/05/2016
Free for personal use? Does that mean I can use it for my youtube channel? Coz, I already am.. pls contact me
blakniss  24/05/2016

I also would like to use this font online content - what's the process?

email me at

great job!
deepakkumar529992  26/06/2016
hi there,
i am interested in your font, please send me details of commercial use and price etc.
INTELOVA  09/08/2016
Hello, Could I use this font for my Youtube Channel? plz contact me
wil0044  29/07/2017
hi there!
i really really like your font! i was wondering if i could use it for my very first YouTube video. It would be a great help. email me at:
sometimes aislinn  auteur de Orange Juice   07/08/2017
You can use it free for YouTube if you aren't advertising anything in the videos and you don't run ads or otherwise get any ad revenue from YouTube. Otherwise, you just need to purchase a license from my website:
marco.damsort  01/09/2017
Nice font, Thank you Brittney !
alysdexia  16/05/2018
Your font is 1 MB and flickers the preview window unlike any other. Can you fix it?
490ccx  30/10/2018

I would like to use this font for a commercial textile project and ask you for permission?
Please send me an answer to:


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