New Romantics

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bbyvietsta  28/08/2006
i love this font (:
dafontgrl4299  10/11/2006
I love this font I think it's so purrrrty!
x-sharn-x  05/03/2007
I love this font but when i download it, it dont wotk :(
duh_azn_girl  12/03/2007
i love this font but how do you use it n everytime i download it, it doesnt work..ughh
Jana123  13/04/2007
hello. i´m from germany and I do not understand what means "free for personal use". This font is very cool but Idon´t what to buy anything. I´m only 13 years old. Please write me back.
alishogirl  04/06/2008
i know i have wanted this font forever!!!!!!!
but it doesnt work it doesnt show up and when i find it it says windows searching and browse for yourself and i cant find it! ugh please fix it!
mileyfannah  21/07/2008
yea i no the reason y i cant cuz its a zip file how do i change the type of file??????????????????comment bak plz!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(:(:(:(
Tiskers  26/03/2018
I get this warning message on my Mac when I try to install this font:

"Problems may have been found with some fonts during validation. One minor problem was found, proceed with caution."

Can anyone explain why? And if you have downloaded it safely I would love to hear about that. THANK YOU!
rollbest@  05/10/2020
amo esta letra, no tuve ningún problema al descargarla ni al usarla, cabe destacar que estoy desde mi pc
jeon_jeongguk  21/10/2020
it is safe to use, don't worry about the pop-up !!

it means that you can use it for your own personal things, but not for industrial business use. eg, using it on a logo

You cant change the type of file, you just need to extract it. When you click into the zipped folder, in the top right-hand corner there should be a button which says 'extract all'

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