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zoffix  12/02/2011
Beautiful font!
typodermic  auteur de Neuropolitical   13/02/2011
Roger S. Nelsson  03/09/2012
For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Ray Larabie has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Ray Larabie receives royalties from all sales)
CarlosTejada  21/04/2017
Good day, this typography can be used freely in the name of the brand and logo (registered)?
And the brand can appear in stores, web sites, facebook pages, for promosión?
Is it free for commercial use?
typodermic  auteur de Neuropolitical   09/05/2017
Yes, it's free for commercial use.

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