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haneespy  26/11/2006
this font totally rocks! (:
Typeology  28/11/2006
Neo Print is the bomb diggity! No doubt!
karimdegroot  13/12/2006
Fan-Fu*ing -Tastic
valeria  15/02/2007
I want to know if i can use the type for a brochure of BTT?
xMizzMurder  09/03/2007
This is awsome.
mrchuck  25/04/2008
I really like this font :)
staplehead  05/05/2008
Incredible. Nice work. I'll add to my favorites with Dinarjev Republik, another great font.
CustomBusinessCards  10/05/2008
Hey... this is cool. Some very creative business card designs could be created with that.
chaiguy  23/03/2010
This is a great looking font. Anyone know what the base font being used (without the grunge) is? It looks superb.
polenimschaufenster  auteur de NeoPrint M319   31/03/2010
@ chaiguy: There is no base font as it's been rubber-stamped.
But try helvetica!

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