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Masiat  18/04/2007
brillant ; D!
Pandas4Lyf900  24/01/2013
Brilliant! You Have Talent!
GeronimoFonts  18/05/2014
I saw this font on a pack of highlighters at the dollar store. Coolio
rhynomyte  25/11/2015
Well done! I dig this font! One question though. Why does the 'Z' resemble a backward '7'? Is it because it would look too much like forward '7'?
natifavot  19/09/2016
It is an excellent source, I would like to have the light option
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
awesome font..thank you so much
akirolopes  10/04/2018
Oh, so cool
PizzaPoes  30/08/2019
It took over my computer! Almost every website I open has this font!

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