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Doomsday  02/08/2010

was würde eine Nutzung für meine Band kosten?

bl4kers  06/08/2012
I know this font. It is used in the Pendragon book series. My absolute favorite!
WriterBri  08/08/2012
I am a writer and am getting ready to publish my first book. If I like this font, could I use it completely free, royalty-free, with no print limits? If you could get back to me, that'd be great!
kroltan  25/08/2012
This font is used for quest headings in World of Warcraft. Also, is it free for unlimited use?
UbiRock  27/04/2015
i want The Witcher font!!!
stormowl7  27/07/2015
I sent an email to the creator of this font about three weeks ago, but I'm still not getting a response. Is there another way to contact them? I'd really like to buy/use this asap!

Thank you! :)
AnonymousFontGuy  30/09/2015
Fine job! Fonts that have it all are VERY hard to come by. Well done!
brokenbiscuit  31/01/2017
From the readme... Note that the website was offline when i checked, and that the font is over 20 years old. Got to be the best Gothic out there tho, thanks Kiwi.

Kiwi Media, in their quest to beat the world into submission with fonts,


So, you ask, what's the deal with this one?

Beats me. I've agonized over a flourishing derscription of this one, and
the best I can come up with is "I've been reading too many Sandman comics."

Not that this font actually appears in any Sandman comics. But I was trying
to get a mood here. Something sort of neo-classical and ethereal, yet a bit
on the creepy side.

Whether or not I suceeded is another matter entirely.

If you like this font, send me money. I ask $5 for this one. Email me at,
as I'm probably going to move soon after releasing this and it'd do me no
good to start putting my address in if it's going to change.

All the rest of my fonts can be found on the WWW at

whitesouljamma  26/01/2024
As of now, I found this artist's fonts on Once you download a font, there is a Readme file included that provides instructions on how to obtain licenses for usage other than personal. Hope this helps!

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