Material Sans

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cdlm  08/03/2009
Really nice, too bad it lacks too mony accents to be useful in french… Did you plan other weights / an italic ?
Dave1986  auteur de Material Sans   11/03/2009
Maybe in the future.
filigraf  01/04/2010
A really wonderful font with a very organic feeling to it. Thank you very much. An addition of ä,ü and ö would make it ready for use in German. Do you think these three letters could be implemented?
Dave1986  auteur de Material Sans   21/04/2010
why not!
tiarag73  23/04/2010
this 1 suksssssss
tadeox  24/04/2010
amazing! congratulations!

but i agree with cdlm and filigraf, without accents this is almost italian/english use only :$

oldwren  30/05/2010
Sorry, it's obviously an alteration of Klavika:

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