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xlikexxduhhx  10/10/2007
i love this one.
Addrifunk  16/03/2009
I'd like to use this font in the logo of my company. Quick response needed. My email is: Thank you.
jenuine  12/07/2012
Wondered if it would be possible to use this font commercially in my small, home-based business. A quick response would be great! Thanks so much!
CCNIII  23/08/2012
From the FAQ PDF included with the Download:

This font is free to use in any private, recreational manner for personal use only.

For Commercial Use:
jenuine  31/10/2012
When clicking on the link, it says it's a malicious webpage and it won't open. Is there another way to view?
pheleanderesta  24/12/2012
ijin download gan
Violume  04/06/2013
Great Font! I am very interested in this for a small design project. You have stated "for personal use", but would you consider an exception? Please let me know at Happy to answer questions. Looking forward to hearing back! Thx - Lauryn
BrunoFilipe30  12/08/2013
Hi, i wanna know if i buy in your site one type of letter like mandingo for 19,95 can i use it for commercial use?


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