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brtkr  18/03/2010
I don't understand. You marked this (and more other fonts from you) as GPL. But in the ZIP as Mass readme.txt says: "This Font is freeware. However it is Not Public Domain."
So what now???
If the fonts are freeware, they'll goes as "free".
If the fonts are under Creative Commons (with your restrictions), they'll become "free", too.
If you don't ask money for it (just have restrictions), it'll become "freeware" or free for personal use or similar.
If you donate the font for mankind, it will be public domain. All the people can modify it. I'm just telling this, because some fonts with marked GPL and CC inside have no glyphs in CE table and I just wanted to add them.
fontrevisor  05/11/2018
This font is free only for uncommercial usage.
I have translated bundled license with google translate and got it:
  2. "License Elements" means the following license characteristics selected by the Licensor and named in the name of the License: "Attribution", "Non-Commercial", "Share Alike".
This is CC-BY-NC-SA license.

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