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LL Rubber Grotesque

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bockart  03/02/2009
Hello, thank you for this great font. We used it in a logo for one of our products (Belgacom) Please contact us to talk about the usage of it. Greets, Johan
pessoa  19/04/2009
Great!!! thanks from Madrid!
kcopen  14/08/2009
Hi, we are interested in using this font for a commercial ad, but I can't find any info on any licensing agreement. There was no read me file in the zip. Please contact me regarding licensing. Thanks!
thesmarties  14/09/2009
Also interested in using this and would like to know if we need to purchase a license.
MiryanaV  09/10/2009
Hi, we are interested in using this font (LL Rubber Grotesque) for commercial ad, but I can't find information on any licensing agreement. Could you please also contact me purchase of license. Thank you.
Schröppel  auteur de LL Rubber Grotesque   14/10/2009
Dear friends of my typeface »LL Rubber Grotesque« sometimes I am too busy to check out your comments and requests regularly. If there is a request about a licensing agreement for commercial use, please don't hesitate to contact me via mail:
Thank you for your understanding. Yours Markus Schröppel
mtension  04/01/2010
Another great display face Markus, I really like it.
pchiang4  24/07/2010
Hi, We like your typeface. We'd like to use your typeface in our website design. I don't know how to reach your licensing agreement. Would you please contact us via my email for purchase of license. Many thanks. Email is:
JRacioppi  18/03/2015
Hey all, does anyone have an average wait time for a response from this author?
Schröppel  auteur de LL Rubber Grotesque   13/06/2015
Dear Jonathan Racioppi,
the response time was a half day. So as you have also noticed:

20.03.2015 on 16:24 wrote Jonathan Racioppi:

Hi Markus, I am so sorry! I was about to send another email in case you didn't receive my other one and you replied right away (and even a second time). I was checking the spam folder all week, added the address to contacts and still, my silly mail client actually marked it for spam, skipped the spam folder and put it right in the trash. By chance I figured I would search my trash folder in case Yahoo still marked it inappropriately. There it was!
Schröppel  auteur de LL Rubber Grotesque   19/12/2015
For License details refer to:

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