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lili95  21/07/2008
me guZtaaaaaaaaaa:D
MчshaaMATE  02/02/2009
heч there
i reallч like this font there is something about it, its verч creative, i love it keep up the good work
Addrifunk  16/03/2009
I'd like to use this font in the logo of my company. Quick response needed. My email is: Thank you.
Inc  07/04/2010
Hi, can i use this for comercial work? like a logo?
diez  19/10/2010
уyeap) super)
PolleQ  24/05/2012
Hi there,
I get in a good mood by looking at this font! Is it possible, to use it for a logo for a small one-man company? Business cards and website... Many thanks!!
golem001  11/02/2016
Is there a way to bold or italicize this font in programs like Illustrator and InDesign? Thanks.
grimcdn  07/12/2016
If anyone was able to get in contact with the original designer of this typeface (I have found the web site, but have not been successful in getting an email to them (bounce backs!) please let me know! I am interested in getting a full font family + license.
Sandra_Teptsova  11/12/2019
I would like to us your font for commercially.
Could you please advise me as to the cost?
Thank you!
ReenDaReal  18/03/2021
Hello, I would also like to use this font for a commercial use.
Please contact me by email:

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