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ElsaIzmeth  11/07/2007
Hi there, how can i buy your font?
Ideal-Imagination-x  11/07/2007
Awesome Font There. Good Work.
aliceinwonderland  03/12/2007
Hi! Awesome Font! Did Britney use this font for her new album?
By the way I am creating a logo and would like to use this font where can I buy it?? I went on your website but didnt manage to find a way to contact you.
please answer back soon!!
x--Aliceee  15/11/2008
This Font Is Awesome. I've used it for my desktops and layouts/blends, with credit of corse
jayt  20/11/2009
are there any restrictions for use commercially? please answer quickly...
thx :)
jayt  29/12/2009
i got no answer... can anyone tell me what i have to do for use commercial???
gioiastorm  07/02/2010
I would just use it then with credits though
fumpit  17/09/2014

we want to buy this font.
How can I do this?

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