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mgmuranaka  14/08/2011
Komika is an amazing family, but Axis is definitely my favorite! It looks like perfect, fat marker strokes. Beautiful!
restomage  04/04/2012
Anyone know I can contact the author to discuss licensing issues? Thanks.
lethalkisses  08/11/2015
How much to use commercially?
pixelmonk  28/04/2016
Hey, I also want to use it commerically… how much is it?
detroitrockgrl  10/05/2016
Is anyone getting a response for commercial use? I have a non-profit I'm building a site for... I'd like to use the same fonts they used in the comic book overlay pack I just bought.
mikemakeitso  04/11/2018
Hi. I like your font. Nice job!

Can you please let me know the cost for commercial use?

Please message me at mikemakeitso@gmail.com

Thanks again

mikemakeitso  04/11/2018
Hi. I like your font. Nice job!

Can you please let me know the cost for commercial use?

Please message me at mikemakeitso@gmail.com

Thanks again

lifeisgood22  05/02/2019
Greetings , My name is Ta Blu. I'm a High School student taking a Digital Design class in
Indiana. My class is currently creating a flyer design for our High School's Musical. The music teacher is the judge of our flyer design competition and
your font, would look fabulous with the Musical’s contracted
logo. The winning flyer design will be printed and displayed throughout the High School
to promote our High School’s performance. For that reason, I'm contacting you to
ensure whether or not I can LEGALLY to use the font for our
Musical if my design happens to be the chosen design for display. Please advise.
I'm excited and eager to hear from you.
Kind regards,
Ta Blu Lerku
Digital Design Student
Speedway High School
lifeisgood22  05/02/2019
Please message me at tablulerku0@gmail.com
obliterateself  15/02/2019
Hello, I would like to know the cost for commercial use?
Please message me at obliterateself@ymail.com
Thank you.
kurt963  20/02/2019

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AeroX32  27/10/2019
This is literally an exact copy of House Slant by House Industries, but now that's a free font, sooo....
ChelseaHD  12/04/2020
How much to use commercially?

Email chelseahd0707@outlook.com

For now will credit you until you respond.
Spittari61  20/07/2020
Best variety of fonts available. Have enjoyed scrolling through. Using IPad, set up an account and once I hit download nothing else happens. Fonts are not downloading to my files. Help
bobtastic  25/04/2022
Just noticed in the komika.txt an answer to the questions above and figured I would share:

"So there you have it. 50 fonts and a huge load off my shoulders now. I hope you use them in good health. Please let me know at apostrophe@apostrophiclab.com if, where and how you use them. If you do use them in commercial projects in which you make some profit, please take the time to give a small fraction of that to your favourite charity."

Hope this helps and it is the correct info. :)

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