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Chloe5972  30/03/2017
vanytanaka  29/05/2017
Hi, how do I get the symbols to work?
I've downloaded the .ttf and only the letters are displaying.
bab awesome  26/10/2017
how do you get the arrow with the writeing like that as I can't get it to work
mtjmcr5  23/01/2018
Hello, same question as other, how do I get the arrows to show up in the font?
kitaleighboutique  auteur de KL Cupid   01/08/2018
You can locate the symbols by using any of the following characters: +-&(){}[].
Thank you!
ellenmae20  11/02/2019
when I go to make mine the inside of the letter sometimes is plain black and it doesn't come so I can weed it out.

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