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coolkris  09/10/2008
this kind of style of font is really boring and dull because there is no colour
cass_ssac  20/10/2008
I think this font is cool as it is a great style for posters
Addrifunk  16/03/2009
I'd like to use this font in the logo of my company. Quick response needed. My email is: Thank you.
ferlina  02/12/2009
very cute font..I want to use it for my promotional design. Can I? Please let me know..My e-mail address is
Thank you
nieKu  24/03/2010
Really inquisitive font... I'm looking to use it in an illustration, please could you let me know if it's available? Quick response needed! my email is Thank you
miss_zoe_hall  16/04/2010
Hi there,
Lovely font. Please may I use it in my next design project?
My email is:
Many Thanks,
Furu|Jo7213  auteur de Kitsu   08/06/2010
Well, for those who want to use this font: It's totally free, so you can use it however you want :)... but I'd like to see what you do with my font :B

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