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twntytwo  04/05/2010
brings back memories of kindergarten :)
RAS-UTOPIA  09/06/2010
que bella type!
iluvcutefonts  10/08/2010
@twntytwo yeah me too. but i didnt write like that! lol!
obrigada  16/05/2011
J'aime vraiment la typo, et j'aimerais davantage l'utiliser... mais pouvez vous m'expliquer pourquoi, il y a tous les accents sauf l'accent aïgu?
N'est-il pas possible de le rajouter? SVP?
ksminor  21/08/2011
Does anyone know an email address for this author? I'd like to contact them regarding use of this font.
Lucky321123  17/09/2011
love this font it brings back everything from the little days
enrico.contri  26/09/2011
I need to contact the authors too, for licensing for a no-profit use... anyone know how can I contact DSDESIGN?
coffeegurl  07/01/2013
I would like information for to use this font commercially. email to
wrbtu  14/06/2013
I still have the original brown paper bag with floppy disk that this set (KidBag) came with in 1995. I haven't checked to see if they're still around, but the info on the instruction sheet is: DS Design, 1157 Executive Circle, Suite D, Cary, NC. 27511. Voice: 919-319-1770. Fax: 919-460-5893. email (how high tech for back then!): Probably not too likely that this info is still valid, but at least it may be a lead.

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