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WebDev2009  19/10/2010
This font rocks!
jackfaciale  22/10/2010
have a coke !
i_love_cheese  28/10/2010
Coke? Awesome btw :)
PhotoshopPrincess  29/10/2010
amazing... i havnt seen this font in photoshop yet but the sample looks stunning!

Do you mind if I use this font on some of my bands posters?
Ash001  30/10/2010
Very captivating, this would be a nice font for a logo I'm creating do you mind if I use it? contact me if this would be a problem I'd really appreciate it. ^_^
Maffy  02/11/2010
Great font!
diszazter  13/11/2010
nice font, but the data is corrupt --'
StreetLingaz  18/11/2010
This is pretty. :)
TheKeenTaco  19/11/2010
This is an instant favorite font, it's gorgeous =)
Andrew2  auteur de Justice   07/01/2011
Yep coke.

The font is free for personal use but if you'd like to use it for advertisements, logos and sellable products you can purchase it from my shop.
Temet_Nosce  02/05/2011
i love this font! it looks great with what i want to get as a tatoo... is that a problem???

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