Joyful Juliana

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Emily's Scrawl  26/05/2007
I adore this font! I think it's the best!!
HollywoodAnorexic-x  05/06/2007
The font is rad♥
lyzouille  24/06/2007
cette police me fait craquer !!!! JADORE
morgan_nava  11/07/2007
YupCrystal  09/09/2007
i love this font [:
kutelove  20/09/2007
thank !
seewah  08/10/2007
love it! thanks so much! :)
fashion_empire  21/10/2007
Oh my god, this font is so adorable. I love it. =) It's totally me.
karinina  07/11/2007
simple and beautiful.
xMizzMurder  22/11/2007
I love this font so much!
Thanks so much.
gia032394  25/12/2007
pretty. can you make me one.?
breannah  29/03/2008
simple and classic.
freak3  01/05/2008
amazingg font
wennx3tian  13/06/2008
NICEE ! (:
lovingjesusrocks  16/02/2009
This font is absolutely gorgeous... God Bless you in all that you do. And its very interesting how Romans 6:23 is one of my favorite verses as well... :)
maggo722  21/03/2009
sooo cutee! how do you change the color of it?
ily4ever  04/04/2009
This is such a cool font. Love it! ;]
P6794iksukissa  10/07/2009
Hello,good work!
Is it possible to use this in aNON profitable (Christian based) magazine?
Could you kindly discuss it by mail -
Thank you...
P6794iksukissa  10/07/2009
Im able to pay some if needed to attain the right to use it
LatinReloaded  27/10/2009
I love this font and his charming design.
Good luck Kimberly!
Greetings from Argentina!
mimzilax  07/02/2010
YOU MAKE THE MOST AMAZING FONTS!!! I LOVE THEM! JOYFUL JULIANA HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE THOUGH... Its so pretty! Everything about it, how it loks so handwritten and everything isn't perfect, yet it is... AMAZING! I love how there's a flower, a heart, and a star. I CANNOT GET OVER THIS FONT! I love it, thank you!!!
jturnbeaugh  11/02/2010
Hi Kimberly - we utlized your font at a ministry I work for - we have a shirt using your font we would like to send to you complimentary. Is there any way you could shoot me an email, so I can send you more information on us.
lisajw13  13/07/2010
I would love to look at using this for a Christian crisis pregnancy center. Please let me know if you will allow that with your fonts at Thanks so much!
Keroro2612  30/07/2010
I like this font . Thx for sharing ^^
ckwho  11/08/2010
I'm making a film for the world health organisation and was wondering whether i could use this font for the adolescent section of the film. i'd be happy to show you a demo of the work.
Roger S. Nelsson  11/09/2010
For those of you looking for an improved version with accents etc: Kimberly Geswein has allowed me to rework her fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Kimberly Geswein receives royalties from all sales)
Morethanmode  15/09/2010
I love it!!!!
I have a blog, do you mind if I use it??? Please????
Jules*  21/11/2010
I <3 this font!!! Juliana's my name!!!
doesntgivafck  16/11/2011
i love this font c: <3

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