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Electzik  02/05/2006
Police sympa
Antoine  06/05/2006
quel lien?
extate  28/05/2006
Wonder! It's like a hand writed so much...
Eliot Truelove  10/08/2006
How did you make this, what program? it is awesome and id like to make one for myself!
behbeh0027  11/10/2006
j-cuntlip  24/10/2006
Ray Charlews
pinkpalm  26/04/2007
One of the neater, more interesting 'handwritten' fonts--perhaps even able to stand on its own...? I'll have to see how things look rendered in it, but still--great work :D
xo100100  21/05/2007
Hello! I am not particularly fond of this however what I do think is how wonderful it is that you DO have a very artistic side of you. THAT does show! Please keep up the good work and thank you for blessing everyone and please do not stop for you have to make up for those of us (me) who have no ability like you. ;)
x3hollisterxox  18/01/2008
sooo cahuteee. & a very romantic sexy fontt -kay-
lavender0127  23/10/2008
very smelly and stinky
awesome font. i like it cause its so loose. :D perfect for a signature. ima practic writing like this,lol. awesome. :D
babey17  25/07/2011
I like this font. :)
beam1973  10/04/2012
love this font ... used it for my first tattoo

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