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DominoDot  12/10/2008
Awesome awesome awesome! wow, a great amount of work went into this. It even has accents and pictures to go with it. Simply Amazing
Blood Dream  18/10/2008
C'est trèès joli, mais un peu difficile a lire... Peut-être un peu trop chargé?
pinupchick  26/10/2008
WOW that took alot of work and is freakin amazing!!!! big ups
pook  26/10/2008
อยาก ได้ สวย มาก
AnnMunguia  28/10/2008
Muziek  14/03/2009
I love this font
micohlz  12/05/2009
i cant unzipped this font. when i try to extract this file it says "no files to extract". how can i get this font.. i want this font.
thehellokittyrebel  16/01/2011
this font is AMAZING!! (:
tiny.dancer  14/03/2011
I love this font but my computer always freezes when I try to use it - I've tried a few different computers too, new and old. Such a shame :(
ricardomjv  05/08/2013
Very Nice!!

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