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shinobu21  04/07/2006
eh mais ça c chinois c po japonais
azn  07/10/2006
yourHAness  01/11/2006
yeah, this is chinese not japanese...and those symbols aren't letters...they're actual words like...capital V..that symbol means "you", capital W means "year", lower case h is west....
xobbygrlxo  07/02/2007
O it wont work good
Da-bling-font-girl  04/03/2007
i thought it was japanese! lol its cuz i nver studied it...0_o anyways.. it looks cool♥
lulamie  05/04/2007
it is cool i guess...but why don't you put the right numbers?...i mean...there is a symbol for each number...i am studting mandarin so..thank you. i'll take this font...see ya
arries  15/05/2007
It can be Japanese depending on how you use it, I studied Japanese, and I see several characters and know the saying and meaning in Japanese. Perhaps the person that created this file knows Japanese, so they created it for that purpose, dont't know. The only difference is that the words or pronunciation are different from Chinese. Anyway, after reading these comments, I won't be using it. Why not just use the font that comes with your Mac OS, you can get the same effect and use hiragana, katagana as well as kanji characters with different styles.
Reikou  25/05/2007
this is Japanese "kanji" which means continent letters, namely refering to china. They can be used almost interchangebly with japanese with a few pronounciation changes(i.e. "fist"='chuen' in chinese and 'ken' in japanese)
Reikou  25/05/2007
"actual 'Japanese' languages include Katakana and Hiragana"
Leela-Turanga  08/10/2007
KiraHoshi  18/11/2007
This IS japanese...most japanese and chinese caracters are the same...I know two of these...school and "to be born"...
Dunedain  16/12/2007
This is NOT Japanese.

It's easy to spot because (some of) these are so-called simplified characters, only used in China.

Japanese use so-called traditionnal Chinese characters, albeit sometimes with simplifications of their own.
yamikea  08/04/2008
Ca c'est pas du japonais !!
bing01  16/07/2008
i sure they are not japanese,nor traditionnal Chinese
they are Chinese simplified
because i am chinese
hofodomo  03/08/2008
It would be nice if there were multiple sets of this font so more characters can be used.

And what they said above: this is most definitely NOT Japanese, due to the presence of simplified characters.
Sparanoid  13/08/2008
These letters are Chinese
Madame Evil  07/09/2008
This is really stupid. This is actually Chinese but the Japanese copied from The chinese. So actually this is actually Chinese. HEHE!
Cutieaznangel5  12/03/2009
Why is this typeface named Japanese when it is actual Chinese characters? It feels kinda weird .. it feels more like a mistake than a purposely done concept. And this typeface will make the typographer look bad as if he or her didn't do his/ her research well enough to distinguish the difference between the two forms of language.
kagoe  30/03/2009
I hate liars...
Raph95  16/05/2009
This is not japanese. These are Chinese characters. The only characters with are japanese are | which is "e", and # which is (almost) "ka". But this is not japanese, for sure. Those are kanji symbols.
Lion Hearted  06/07/2009
We already know this isn't Japanese, don't need to keep on mentioning it. =/
jeneshisugakuto  28/09/2009
It isn't originally Japanese. It is indeed Chinese, however these ARE used in Japanese.The ones I see on display I recognise to be used in Japanese, for example the one on the end which is repeated means 'heavens'. Kanji as these Chinese characters are called were first introduced when Japanese had no written form, so therefore Kanji was before Hiragana and, expectedly, Katakana. While katakana and hiragana are syllabic, kanji represent a word. Kanji was limited after WWII only to jouyou - commonly used ideographs, and Jinmeiyou - name kanji (reserved for the use in the names of the Japanese people otherwise it would be a hassle to change them).
CHINApeople  13/11/2010
The whole world knows that this is Chinese.This is derived from ancient Chinese culture.
CHINApeople  13/11/2010
這是100﹪中文,NOT JAPANESE!
lonpo  19/04/2011
roschelleC  04/09/2011
Yes this is Chinese...I am studying it at the moment and it seemed very similar
natoyi  25/10/2011
i'm asian, and it is really SUCKS
yukikonoda  27/12/2011
This is not real japanese...haha
TruType7  13/03/2012
OMG kid!! this is friggin Chinese not japanese! you can tell by how it doesn't have the curved writing. Whoever named this, name this to Mandarin Chinese, 白痴
Catstyle  17/05/2012
Actually, it's Chinese but not Japanese.
Although it looks like Japanese, but there're still some differences between them.(Coz I am a Chinese who is studying Japanese~)
For example:"时" is a Chinese charater and we read it"shi", but in Japanese way it spell as"時" and its pronunciation is "toki"
You can see the font uses "时", so I say this is Chinese~
(Many foreigners don't know well about Asian cultural, just as we don't know well about Western cultural ^_^)
Q  24/12/2012
After using ChapMap it has a WSIfonts TAG and does NOT! support ALL the Chinese characters it only has 90 characters and assigns 1 character per Char except Caps.


tapeandpaper1  19/06/2013
These are Mandarin characters that aren't really letters. They are real words that mean different things and the sound of how to say them don't even match the letter. Absolutely terrible!!!
JoeysAnAsshole  08/07/2013
When you spell out "Joey" in this font does ANYONE know if it's accurate????
Jelif  16/07/2013
These are Simplified Chinese character. (Mandarin is the spoken language, Simplified Chinese is the written one.)

Some of them might be the same as the characters used in Japanese, but judging from all the characters shown, this is NOT the Japanese Kanji set of characters.
skrwitch  02/10/2013
As a native Japanese speaker, these characters may be apart of Japanese, but nope.

For one, there are 3000 common hanzi, this font does NOT have 3000 characters. These are not letters! Mandarin nor Cantonese nor Japanese consists of letters. If you type an English word with this font, it will not be correct.

Please do not download this. You will make mistakes.

@Catstyle - Japanese has two readings, the 'on' and 'kun'. Japanese use the Chinese as well as Japanese readings depending on the sentence and context.

Remember, if you do want to type in CHINESE (this is not Japanese), then download the keyboard layout and language pack on your OS.

Japanese consists of Hiragana (ひらがな), Katakana (カタカナ), and Kanji (漢字).

Example sentence: このダイヤは本物ではない。(This diamond isn't real.) この = hiragana, ダイヤ = katakana, 本物 = kanji
randomfandoms  03/01/2014
Awkward moment when this is Simplified Chinese (which I am learning at the moment) and those words are words I actually know.
WAYS、】  15/05/2014
OMG!Who named this?! This is definitely Simplified Chinese!
soilderboi  20/11/2014
Look at these chinks yeh thats right MC Daniel Welsh on the case

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