I hate Comic Sans

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Cheese  22/03/2007
I hate comic sans too
Bananas  09/04/2007
So does my sister xD
dotd420  03/05/2007
Comic sans is the dirt bastard of the design world. So is its fat cousin 'chalkboard'.
CowCat22  06/11/2007
Comic Sans?
Should be "Vomit Sans"
Sylvia--x  08/12/2007
SAMEEEE! It's so nippy! All the teachers use it >:(
Specially when it's blue!
PawBadReligion  24/12/2007
So do I! xD
milesxsmiles  25/12/2007
YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much i HATE comic sans!!! its the most unprofessional font EVER. my teacher treats it like its an addictive drug
jessica_a7x  21/02/2008
Teachers LOVE this font, one of my teachers will use it on powerpoints, and she will be like I used these cute letters.
And Im just like oh no...
angelsfiishy  01/08/2008
yeahh, that's a reaaally bad font. o-o nice job on yours! =D
gellybelly  15/10/2008
im not alone in the world anymore!
i feel like a new person with this new font!

Moets  18/11/2008
Everyone's going through some kinda fase when they r at some age and only use Comic Sans lol xD
phreakey  19/11/2008
HA HA HA !! I hate comic sans MS too :) it's funny to see how some people use this font thinking they're producing a smart effect ... I also totally hate brush script ...
mistercliff  08/01/2009
In response to the comments about how teachers use them, I have to defend it slightly. While most the teachers who use the font do so because they think it is cute and they have no taste for design, some teachers have a better reason. Unfortunately right now Comic Sans is one of the most recommended fonts for dealing with dyslexia. As a teacher who is somewhat dyslexic, I think it's admirable for people to try to design for all learners. But, I also have a degree in book publishing and design and I have to tell you that I'd be more inclined to design in Wingdings than Comic Sans! There are a handful of professional alternatives to Comic Sans being developed with the goal of making a decent font for dyslexic people that is still attractive to the masses. I look forward to their arrival. If anyone knows of any good free ones already out there, I'd love to test them out.
werddude  17/03/2009
how can you hate it? i use it all the time and i love it!!!!!!
privacypolicy  12/04/2009
i hate comic sans and times new roman and all the font which are already in every computer they are very boring!!!
dustcrawler  22/10/2010
Man, do I hate Comic Sans too!! I keep complaining to everyone every time I see it...
rolf69  12/07/2012
i love comic sans
Ozzie Scribbler  01/08/2013
I hate Comic Sans too, but Comic Sans at least provides Polish glyphs for me.
incorrect  03/08/2014
i LOVE comic sans! i;ll always be with him, thick and thin!
mcarter4  25/09/2014
Comic sans is a great font, when used correctly. There are people that hate its inappropriate use, and there are people that just hate it. I embrace and enjoy when it is actually used correctly (comic books or children's designs). There has been an entire movement to get rid of the font, and then another entire movement to bring it back. You've got to respect how much attention it gets.
Ni_Ko  02/03/2015
Hi! Is this font free for commercial use?
sonamyfan03  06/01/2016
Why is Comic Sans so hated?
The_Ninja_Cookie  03/05/2016
lol Ni_Ko
TheBoi  10/08/2017
But why?
allamistakeo  23/05/2018
11 years have passed since the first comment and we still hate Comic Sans.
MenditheShe  19/07/2019
I'm gonna use Comic Sans even more now. Lmao.

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