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pinkpalm  26/04/2007
Sweeeet; it sometimes feels a lil cluttered but not much you can do about that("s" has it pretty bad cuz of its curves, heh)
great work :D
Blood Dream  18/10/2008
(I LOOOOOOOVE thiis!!)
JPicard  18/01/2009
Excellent font! Thank you very much. I used it in the creation of my website logo. You can check it out at: http://jeffpicard.com
Thanks again.
FireMonkey  24/06/2009
Used this for a design board draft - it looked fantastic! Thanks!
wacstn  13/10/2010
I love this. I wonder if it is possible to get it to be bold.
akira1975  07/02/2013
See Michelangelo and Palatino Nova Titling, its revised version, by Hermann Zapf.

Ossok stole Zapf’s design.
stacks2011  11/09/2017
is this free for commercial use for books covers?
seohyun__0  28/04/2022

thank you made this font.
There is one thing I want to ask
this font is 100%free, right?
can i using this font in commercial work(Ci,BI,Package...)?

please answer me. line.co.kr@gmail.com

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