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fonto  11/05/2012
Hi, can i use your font for a book cover? I need to know asap? Thanks
HFF  auteur de HFF Whirly Whorl   11/05/2012
Sure. Go ahead.
rosydee  17/01/2013
Is this a trace of another typeface, or did you use Whitestone Scrawl as inspiration?
HFF  auteur de HFF Whirly Whorl   27/01/2013
HFF Whirly Whorl is entirely based on a specimen of Whitestone Scrawl as published in an alphabet book by the late Dan X. Solo. Based on how it looks, the original is likely photo/film type. A wild guess is that it might be a Filmotype. Dan Solo used many Filmotypes fonts in his books. However, Dan Solo never mentioned the original publishers of the fonts he included in his books.

Nick Curtis also did a digitization of Whitestone Scrawl. In fact, Nick Curtis did it first but I wasn't aware of it. He likely used a different source for his font.

BTW I have not created a font using an existing digital font as a source.

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