Hey August

Hey August à  par Khurasan 
dans Script > Brush
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TGantai01  21/04/2020
Hi Khurasan! I'm a book cover design maker. Can I use it for commercial use?
Lia_euna  11/05/2020
Hello, can I use that font for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to rhdmsqldi@naver.com
Thanks a lot.
forsythia_J  04/07/2020
hi~ Can this font be used for commercial purposes?
munniarts  23/07/2020

Can i use this youtube logo for videos (monetizing) or commercial purpose?
Please let me know. Munniarts@gmail.com
Mallyboo  03/08/2020
Hello, can I use this font for commercial purposes? Please email @ malishalewis@hotmail.com. Thanks.

I just want to make reference to your statement where you said that this font is 100% free to use. I just want to make sure that you know I am using this font. This just serves as confirmation that I am using this font for commercial purposes.
mabro  auteur de Hey August   16/09/2020
All: yes, you can use this font for commercial use. You don't need to buy any license, because it's free.
Vita123  05/02/2021
Hi, i'm a book cover design maker. Can i use this font for commercial purpose? Please email me lalalalah2102@gmail.com
Thank you
deeptiFont  21/02/2021
Hi. Could I use this for font for commercial use. Please send me confirmation on deeptimehn@gmail.com
tlstl12  12/05/2021
It's pretty font and I really like this thanks for letting me use this as free. I really appreciate. I'm going to use this in a commercial description. thanks and i hope have a nice day :)
Sekar Pramudya  19/07/2021
It's a pretty font. Is it allowed if I use it for commercial e-book cover? Please email me at lisyacn.b@gmail.com Thank you.
ysfuayyu  04/08/2021
Thank Uu for your kindness brother
ysfuayyu  05/09/2021
i like this font, i wanna use for commercial
dilla_r  09/12/2021
Hi Khurasan! i love your font and i want to use it as a commercial use for the album cover i made. thank you for allowing it to be used for free :)

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