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Green Piloww

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rushie25  19/05/2008
looks like the font Pointy
ACH  19/05/2008
I agree, it does look like the font Pointy.
billyargel  auteur de Green Piloww   21/05/2008
i agree pointy minds.
green piloww for green minds.
brookh  15/06/2008
i like it !
evangeline__  03/07/2008
Ah! Love!
conmorse  17/07/2008
looks like the font from the movie Juno
billyargel  auteur de Green Piloww   16/08/2008
just because - jane's addiction
camila101  16/08/2008
cool font dead-retro but modern teen a definite juno reminder for some very quirky i can see many people using it.
-Deanne-  03/11/2008
Can some one help me..... i would like to download it and use it but i dont gte how to change it from compressed zip folder to!
ejikoza  21/11/2008
I like
thank you
WLD  08/12/2008
AvantGarde, hand drawn.
caiitliinnnnn08  15/01/2009
this is hottttt!
kirksucks  21/01/2009
pointy's drop goes to the right, not the left. This font looks like a hand drawn Century Gothic.

Missing the caps that Pointy offers tho. same idea i guess.
nice one.
AlwaysAndForeverOx  06/03/2009
I really love this, my favourite.
DaBigCheeze  28/03/2009
It's nice, I like it but why two w's on the end of Pillow?
lucianamorin  23/04/2009
Really looks like Pointy, but I love it! Great job :)
lottiebeauty  03/08/2009
can some one please please tell me how to download these fonts. can you us them to go onto open office or like microsoft office plesae please help!
wifeyxtypeox  26/08/2009
love the font !<33 perfectt
arabicaz  30/10/2009
i like this font ;)
ChaseY  14/12/2009
Please tell me how i can download this font so i can use it like "lottiebeauty" please please please.
pixie1658  11/01/2010
Nice font! Would be good with numbers included though? :)
xeeneeizee  30/01/2010
sheetal  13/04/2010
nice one
Ja_Hae  27/07/2010
Dragon200  03/10/2010
Seems 3D, i don't know why thers ben 2 W'S.
iddaa  30/12/2010
I liked this..thanks & regards
hop231  03/12/2011
Why is there 2 double u's at the end of pointy?
silverbell  15/05/2012
me likey ;)

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