Ginebra Bolds

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Gyom Séguin  12/12/2007
This is really amazing. It has is own style. I'll be watching out for your next ones!
Andrew2  14/12/2007
This font is just, WOW.
Very retro and very vintage, Beautiful.
g4lyfe  16/12/2007
this roxs
g4lyfe  16/12/2007
this font is nasty lol
annaOMline  09/01/2008
Amazing retro font, love the curly ends. Great work, thanks for sharing!
RYKEAY  05/02/2008
it's a good looking font.
very goodlooking,
if only the letters would respond correctly it would've been amazing.
StreetLingaz  11/03/2008
I like this font. :) Good work!
StreetLingaz  11/03/2008
Ah damn. I just read RYKEAY's comment. I can't stand it when a font does that. If you can fix it up, I would LOVE to use this font.
Sohokid  auteur de Ginebra Bolds   12/03/2008
Sorry but it´s not a regular font, have many combinations of characters, it is because of it that does not serve for write long texts, because this it was not my idea on having designed it. It´s godd for use on logo designs, titles or typographic designs.
Thanxs for the comments!
przemekstawinski  28/01/2016
I like you font-how much it would be cost to use your fonts in t-shitr design respect

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