German Beauty

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germantv  14/02/2013
Nice font, thanks for sharing this.
dustcrawler  auteur de German Beauty   12/03/2013
Thanks for the nice comment :)
TheSaphanothess7  23/02/2015
Dear Creator, Ok so, I found this font and thought It looked nice for my youtube page. So I checked to see if it was 100% free... It was, however when I downloaded it the read me file said it was free for personal use but I have to pay for commercial.
Then I look on the page and a note said you dont have to pay anymore????? I'm so confused and I need a response QUICK!!! I dont want any bad stuff happen to me :'(
TheSaphanothess7  23/02/2015
Never mind! I just asked my Mum if I could donate, she said yes! So problem sorted I guess! Thanks for the awesome font. ~ Saphanothess
TheSaphanothess7  23/02/2015
Oh and I donated on another email thats not linked with Da font I hope thats ok? xD
dustcrawler  auteur de German Beauty   04/07/2015
Hi Saphanothess,

I really appreciate that you like my font and i'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. The font is completely free and if you contact me I'll pay you the amount back. I made this font so people can enjoy it for free and I didn't make it to make a profit.

Yours sincerely,

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