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dasklem  24/04/2007
Very nice, this deserve respect.
damz  24/04/2007
yeah, nice job !
svsk_sk2  28/04/2007
i think this is AMAZING!!!
polenimschaufenster  01/05/2007
hell yeah! this is really original, I love it!
annaOMline  03/05/2007
Great font work. A real original font with lot of work on it. Thanks for sharing and my respect!
jamier  10/05/2007
Pretty Cool ! - Definately, it really kicks the lama's ass!
Loukag  12/05/2007
C'est vraiment pouiche cette écriture
Jugglingman  16/05/2007
The read me says that you would appreciate seeing designs that incorporate this font. However you don't leave any contact info.

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