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Foglihten No07

Foglihten No07 à  par gluk 
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13 commentaires

imagex  15/11/2013
Wonderfull work, like use.
kasper01  31/03/2014
Good job. Beautifully done.
MissHummingB  29/10/2014
Beautiful indeed ! Well done !
ChristinaPM  13/01/2017
Great font, I absolutely love it. I am going to use this font for commercial use, and it would be great to get your permission to do so. Please contact me at
megowen42  26/12/2017
What is the licensing for commercial use?
Jhawk  30/01/2018
Please can I use this for commercial use? Thank you :)
wicke63  16/08/2018
Really nice font. Would like to use it commercially. OK?
mara16jade  26/10/2018
Hello, can I get your permission to use this commercially?
Lola2018  12/02/2019
Hi, is this font 100% free, can it be used for commercial use? Thank you.
sahmof4boyz  21/07/2020
Is there a fee to be able to use this font for commercial use? Thank you!
laubere  01/09/2020
Beautiful font! Would like to use it commercially? Tnank you!
samsam10111  23/12/2020
Hi, very beautiful font. I would like to use it commercially to design my small postcard-photography. May I?
KueTar1  11/11/2021
Hi this is a really great font and can i used it for commercial use to design my mom's small business?

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